How much should it cost to get a website built for me?

Price unfortunately is not always a guide to quality or appropriateness. I have seen simple 3 page websites design offers for close to £1,800, if your asking for complex origional artwork and a bespoke movie type introduction then that maybe a realistic price but do you really need all that?

When thinking about a website design you need to ask yourself:
what do you want the site to do? Are you trying to impress the viewer with stunning visual effects or are you trying to get your company information and products in front of potential customers?

These aims are not exclusive but remember there is only so much room on a page so what you put on that page determines what it can do for you.
For more information on this please read Web design and SEO.

We design our websites to be viewed by the widest possible audience on the widest possible range of devices be they static or mobile. Special effects are only generated by formats/languages that have universal support in both modern and older devices.

Web design standards

All our websites are designed and coded by hand, we do not use wysiwyg programes to mass produce cheap designs for resale as bespoke designs, we construct and design from your content up to create a showcase for your business that is unique to you.

All our designs are compliant with all appropriate web standards, all pages carry the W3c validation logo. Just click this any time to check the page for errors

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Design ethos

'Keep it simple' is the idea that drives our website design, its easy to get lost in the possibilities of complex programing and design features.

we dont strive to be leaders in cutting edge design for designs sake, we design with a purpose, that purpose is to get your products and services in front of as many potential customers as possible

All designs are hand coded and optimised for search engines as well as people

website design ethos


If your looking to promote your business through the search engines then get a website with up to 10 pages, a simple layout and some advanced visual effects
for only £120

Designing for a shopping cart or CMS based website is a little more complicated so get a bespoke design and some advanced visual effects
for only £200

Special design projects are charged at £25 per hour, we will give you a confirmed price and time scale before starting

Some design examples

website design ethos website design ethos website design ethos website design ethos website design ethos

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