Domain Names

Choosing a domain name requires some consideration

There are perhaps two schools of thought on choosing a domain name.
The first is to choose one that contains the keywords that are important to your site, eg: If your company is called 'Johns Joinery' and you sell 'doors' in the uk rather than use the domain the domain may help your site appear in search results for doors
The second is to choose a domain because its memorable eg: '' its easy to remember but doesnt contain any keywords related to books, which is a large part of their business.
As far as I am aware there is no definitive answer as which way is best but my feeling is if you can get a major keyword into your domain name its not going to hurt your rankings.


Again there are perhaps two schools of thought on separating the words with hyphens
The first is that hyphens highlight the keywords making it easier for both search engines and people to read eg:
Those against the use of hyphens argue that people wont always remember to include the hyphen and so may end up on the wrong site
Again there is no definitive answer, it may be that getting the name you want is only possible by separating with hyphens, if so search to see which sites are listed with that name if your customer forgets the hyphen, if that sites content is very similar to yours its probably better to select another name.

Which extension .com .net?

If your a UK based company its probably better to use the, if your looking to go worldwide then the .com maybe a better choice.
Should you buy all the extensions for your domain name? If money is no object and if they are available then probably yes but its not really essential, besides how far do you go? You may be able to get and but what about with a hyphen etc you could easily spend many hundreds of pounds trying to secure a domain name in all its variations only to find another site has the singular or an extended version eg:
Again there is no best practice or single answer

Before registering a domain name its wise to do a few searches to see if its likely to be confused with an existing site, even that may not be a concern if you really want a particular name. Most searches are done by keyword rather than domains, if your content is better than a similar named site then yours will appear higher in the listings


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