Content Management systems and Shopping carts

CMS and shopping carts

To start lets be clear about what a 'Content management system'(CMS) is.

A content management system is basically software that sits between you and the web page they are intended to make running a multi page website simple, the user can create and edit content through an admin interface. This means that little or no knowledge of html or programming is required. However if you want to radically change the layout/design its best to get professional help as changes may require more in depth knowledge

What is a 'shopping cart'?

A shopping cart is essentially a series of scripts or processes that allow the customer to select items from your website, it will track the buyer as they go from page to page keep a running total of items they select and produce a total amount ready for payment.
Most shopping carts have a basic content management system as part of the package but usually not with as many advanced features of some of the top dedicated content management system. However for the small to medium business they are an ideal way to present your company and sell products and services over the internet

If your new owning a website your head is probably starting to go fuzzy just about now, all you want is to get your website up and start selling your products and services so relax. We will build your shopping cart or CMS website for you and we will then support you in understanding how to manage it, add content/products/new pages etc.

What is the cost of this? There is a one off charge of £279 to design and set up your site, this includes your first years hosting and all the support you need. Hosting for subsequent years is only £79 per year. The cost of domain renewals depends on the extension you have and if it is registered with us or another company, details on request.

  • You get a bespoke design unlimited pages/products.
  • If you already have a logo/headed paper design or any branding at all we will design your site to match.
  • We will also look at your competitors in your sector and design a look that is both professional and in line with customer expectations for that sector.
  • You also get 1GB of storage and unlimited data transfer so no extra charges no matter how successful your site becomes.
  • Unlimited email addresses Eg:, or etc
  • An interactive map of your location to help customers find and locate your business .
  • Unlimited revisions of your content and products either by us or by yourself through your admin page. Your admin pages allow you to make new products, make new pages, edit page content, view orders, create special offers, publish news letters and control many aspects of your site layout including the display of best selling items, (this shopping cart can also handle 'downloadable' products)
  • Account control panel giving you access to visitor metrics, a file manager, FTP and full control of your hosting space
  • BONUS WEBSITE - Add a 2nd domain/website to your account at no extra charge.
  • Full technical support together with advice on web site promotion and related subjects.

The images below are examples of a home page and a typical product page from our ecommerce application..
This site can be seen at This is a live site so please don't make any purchases you dont want to pay for.

*Your actual design will depend on the materials you provide and the type of content/target audience of your business or service*.

shopping site main page ecommerce shopping basket

You will get a perfectly formed professional website designed for you that conforms to all appropriate web standards, it will be visible to all the online search engines
(We will register your website with Google and Bing for you these are the major search engines)

Your website will be flexible enough so that as your business grows you can add more information and products to your site as and when its required, you will have complete control of your website through your admin control panel, full FTP access is also included should you need it.

We give you full support with learning the admin control panel no matter which application you use

If you want or need less than 10 pages it may be better to select the Billboard website option

One simple step to get your business online simplex web site hosting 07449 517 682

Please feel free to Contact us about this option or with any questions you may have.

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